Rules and Regulation

On the official McDonald’s website at, McDonald’s has created the McDVOICE survey. The McDVOICE survey includes a questionnaire exclusively focused on your most recent visit and asks about the cuisine’s caliber, the personnel’s behavior, order accuracy, and other things.

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Since McDonald’s sincerely wants to enhance its services, you should offer comments to the McDVOICE survey. McDonald’s can examine and consider the opinions and expectations of its customer’s thanks to the McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey. To broaden the curve toward clients, this survey was developed.

McDVOICE Survey Rules and Regulations

Investigations conducted by McDVOICE must adhere to a number of fundamental guidelines and procedures, which heightens the investigation’s gravity. Learn more below:

  • The McDVOICE poll is only open to lawful residents in the United States. McDVOICE is exclusive and only open to members.
  • To complete the McDVOICE survey, you must have visited a McDonald’s store.
  • You must be at least fifteen years of age. Any children should not complete the McDVOICE survey.
  • No McDonald’s employee or family member is permitted to participate in McDVOICE.

McDVOICE feedback

  • Under no circumstances may the mcDVOICE validation code be given to a third party.
  • After completing the McDVOICE survey, you have 30 days to earn your rewards.
  • Before completing the McDVOICE survey, you must print the coded version of the survey from your receipt.
  • The McDVOICE survey can only be taken up to five times per month.
  • McDonald’s only accepts one coupon per customer.
  • McDVOICE Rewards do not provide home delivery. Within 30 days of your visit, you must be at the following McDonald’s.
  • Your participation will end immediately if you give false information in a response.

Fairness dictates that comments be added to the McDVOICE survey because McDonald’s sincerely wants to enhance its offerings.

You will receive survey incentives once you have responded to the McDVOICE survey questions. The next time you visit McDonald’s, you will be given a promotional code that needs to be used at one of the restaurants.